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 BlaK SundaY

Songs of Love, Death & Revolution 


" we are a crime my love..."

New album " Songs of Love , Death and Revolution out now!

BlaK SundaY is an American Deathrock/post punk/Gothic punk band from Indianapolis, in. Blak Sunday have been in existence since 2017 after changing the name from BLAK. The line up has changed over the years , each time evolving into something bigger and better. BlaK SundaY 's songs range from dark themes of romance death and occasionally a bit of horror to social issues. BlaK SundaY released a self titled EP in 2017 , between 2019 and 2021, they released 4 singles, ACAB, lonely corpse, private parts, and a cover of Gary Numan's Down in the park.They also released a music video in 2020 fro chaos lover (from the EP) , where the cast appeared remotely due to COVID. In 2023 after line up changes they released a new single, a cover of Sister's of Mercy's Lucretia (my reflection) and now have just released a new album, songs of love, death and revolution, which has remixes , live tracks and a couple new songs, and there will be an upcoming full length with new material called "Retribution"
The current line up isJuan Blak (vocals)Leah Andrews (synth)Patrick Phillips (drums)Echo Moon Starx (guitar)Sea Williams (bass) 
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One chapter closes, a new one begins....

BlaK SundaY " album, Song's of Love, Death and revolution is not only a few years in the making, but the bands way of closing one chapter ( previous members , ) and starting a new chapter (new members, new songs) . The album consists of 15 tracks some previously released singles that were meant for a full length release , remasters and remixes,live tracks, 2 covers, Gary Numan's down in the park and Sister's of Mercy's Lucretia ( My reflection), a new version of Chaos Lover and Our War and a new song, Ghost. The new songs are not just with the newer band members but also featuring Artificial Zero, an industrial artist from Texas.

Song's of Love, Death and revolution is both celebrating BlaK SundaY's past and heralding in a new future and preparing you for the next phase and a new full length coming soon.

The album lives up to it's name with songs of Love: Chaos Lover 2023, lonely corpse, Another Night ( which is the new band doing a live version of the song originally from singer, Juan Blak's solo album, Frequencies from 2022) , and she

Death: They hunt at night, midnight, private parts

Revolution: Our War , ACAB

also another new track/instrumental called "the invitation" set up the album.

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